Why Pause?

Pause 2017 is one week away!  We would like to formally invite you to join us at Pause, happening September 22-24, 2017.  If you or your student is new to Grandview’s High School Student Ministry (HSSM), or just don’t know what Pause is, we are writing to change that.

Pause is our annual Fall retreat.  Things at Pause are a little different than when we head over to SnoCamp or any other overnight event because Pause is just for HSSM! All new students and friends are invited and welcome at Pause, and since we are the only youth group there this is a great environment to give HSSM a try.  Being out on our own gives us the chance to grow together as we listen to biblical teaching, worship together, play huge games, and of course, sleep in cabins.

This year we are heading off to a brand new location, Forest Cliff Camp on Lambton Shores.  This camp comes equipped with a beautiful beach, lots of cute cabins, a big recreation building to play board games in, and tons of space to play whatever sport you might be into.  Make sure to bring your bathing suit for the beach and your sleeping bag for the cabin.

Our speaker this year is Martti Pajunen, who has years of youth ministry experience and a great sense of humour.  We are excited to open up God’s Word with him as we learn more about what it means to follow after Jesus.  We will be joined by a worship team as well!

Finally, you might be wondering why exactly we would call a retreat happening at the beginning of a busy school year “Pause”.  If anything, we would think that the beginning of the year might need to happen in fast forward or slow motion.  This is what we believe:  we think that the best way to have a year where we can grow in our relationship with Christ, learn to love one another as brothers and sisters and be equipped to go out into our worlds to share Jesus is by taking the time to pause.  Pausing isn’t just sitting still or turning off our phones.  Taking time to pause is taking the time to focus on what matters the most:  Jesus.  We know that once you press play again, things will make a lot more sense.

We are so excited for our fourth Pause retreat, and we hope that you are too!  You can fill out a registration form by clicking here and see a list of recommended items to pack by clicking here (hint: you should definitely read this list).

See you at Pause 2017!


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